Cambridge Massage


"You would do yourself a favor to avail yourself of his services. My experience is that Alok gets to the very root of the issue and evaporates it."  Stuart Schwartz, a Spiritual Coach.

"Alok seems to have a secret map of how specific pains are connected to the rest of the body. He works on places that seem "fine" as well as the sore spots and somehow releases pain that I can't get to any other way. It feels like things are being realigned on a deep structural level. It is not always particularly comfortable work, but it is infinitely satisfying to feel the holding and tightness let go. Best of all, the relief and balance he provides lasts long after the session is over"  Laura Lashell, a manager at Whole Foods

I am an Acupuncturist in practice for 40 years. I have known Alok Lawrence for 30 years. I feel capable to appraise his capacities and to speak to his professionalism as a Massage Therapist. I fully endorse Alok as a seasoned Professional Massage therapist and highly skilled practitioner. I have referred numerous clients to him. They have all been highly satisfied. I recommend him without reservations. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to call 617-630-5606    Natalia Muina L.AC. License #108

"An appointment with Alok is not a simple day at the spa. He is equipped to handle real body issues and does it by accessing a wide variety of methodologies and a varied skill set. He offers body work that will truly help heal your aches and pains. He has worked with my family for over a decade and seems to get better and better at what he does." Cynthia Wilson of People, Places, and Things 

" I am a performing musician and I go to Alok monthly for a body maintenance program to relieve muscular tension associated with performing and practicing for many hours. Alok is an excellent practioner who is easy to work with and able to address all musculosketal symptoms. I have been going to Alok many years and had been recommended to him by other body practioners, another licensed massage therapist and chiropractor. I highly recommend Alok as a practioner."  Margo McGowan

"Alok was one of the first Holistic Body Work practitioners that I sought help from at the beginning of my healing journey. I was suffering from constant pain, digestive issues, depression, and exhaustion ( to name a few!).  Drawing from his vast eclectic experience; Alok utilized a range of therapies to treat the chronic issues I was struggling with. During these sessions, through deep relaxation and skillful bodywork, my body began to heal and grow. It was a waking up process for many systems which had been stagnated and frozen by years of pain and illness. I was just starting graduate school at the time and believe that my cognition and Consciousness were improved and strengthen due to the deep repair my nervous system was undergoing. I am forever grateful to Alok, who helped my body achieve monumental healing at a difficult time." Rosie Tracy, Acupuncturist

To Whom it may concern: "I have known Alok Lawrence since 1996 professionally. I have been a teaching assistant in a number of his courses that he has taken, and he has come to me for further individual training in order to upgrade his skills. He has studied many methods of manual therapy to provide optimal treatment for each of his clients. He cares about his clients and provides them with the best quality of treatment he can. Because of his many skills he can tailor each treatment to the person's individual needs. I have had sessions with him, and he has been very helpful with reducing and relieving my symptoms.  He is a skilled practioner and an asset to his clients."                                                                     Sincerely, Felice Lazarus, MS. PT.

To Whom It May Concern: " I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Alok Lawrence. I began massage therapy with Alok for fibromyalgia in the Spring of 1999. I immediately benefitted by Alok's treatment. Alok demonstrates strong technical and practical knowledge while displaying a positive, friendly, and relaxed attitude. He builds a close rapport with his patients and continuously maintains an optimistic outlook in treating illnesses that are generally recognized in the medical profession as very difficult to treat. I am pleased to recommend Alok to any individual suffering from fibromyalgia, myofascial pain symptoms, or other muscular or bodily problems that could benefit by treatment from a massage therapist." Richard P. Hamel, Attorney at Law